The Beginning of a Minimalist

Since this is my first blog post, I will begin by explaining why I decided to start a blog. One of the main reasons is to practice my writing and articulate my thoughts efficiently. Additionally, I am interested in using my blog as a record of change in my life. My goal is to write about meaningful events and important thoughts I have. In the future, I look forward to referring back to these imperative times as a snapshot of what my life was like. Lastly, as I provide my unique perspective on matters, I will learn about my thought processes and decision making patterns.

Recently, I watched the documentary, TINY: A Story About Living Small, about a couple who downsizes their lifestyle and builds a house on a flat-bed trailer. The film includes many tiny houses and interviews with the owners and why they chose to downsize from a regularly sized home to a tiny home with dimensions around 120 square feet. This documentary inspired me to declutter my life. I often feel out of place in the consumerism world in which we live in. Material possessions only make us satisfied for a short period of time. A new pair of shoes will gratify us until we step in a pile of mud or until we find the latest trendy style of shoe. It is unnecessary to own 7 sweatshirts. Chances are, we only regularly wear the comfiest or warmest two.

I took advantage of the free time I had this winter break to begin decluttering my life. I went home for the holidays and sorted through middle school and high school clothes left in my closet. It was tough as I consider myself a mild hoarder in this aspect of my life. Anytime I realize I have not worn an item in months and I think about tossing it out I talk myself into keeping it since fashion trends always return. Then there is the small sum of ridiculous clothes I own and I think, “I could wear this sweater at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party again!” or “Maybe I’ll be minion again next Halloween.” Realistically, I may never wear the sweater or overalls and they will occupy space in my closet. That being said, at home, I made piles of clothes according to which I may wear again and which I would not wear. I gathered the clothes I decided I would never wear again into 3 garbage bags to give to the American Veterans Service Association (AMVETS) and the Salvation Army. The conscious realization that people less fortunate than I am who do not have an abundance of clothes will have access to my clothes as a result of my contribution makes the process easier.

My journey to become a minimalist began with my closet, next I will focus on donating shoes that no longer interest me or that are unpractical. In the coming blog posts, I will touch upon my efforts to rid my life of material possessions.

Until next time,



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