Bone of Contention: Homelessness

The Daily Post publishes daily writing prompts and today I lacked ideas for a post so I decided to chose the prompt Daily Post created for today’s date. I want to make it clear that I am writing from a perspective that I do not agree with. That is the challenge in this post.

A common disagreement my boyfriend and I have is on the topic of homeless people.

Why should I give my hard earned money to a person who makes limited effort to create a life for himself? Standing on a street corner begging for change is not hard work, after all. The man chose to live a subpar life and drove himself to life on the streets by prior poor decisions. Any homeless person can change their life and it begins with a job search. Anyone can walk into a restaurant, offer to wash dishes for pay and work their way up in the industry. However, they prefer a lifestyle consisting of laziness and delusions.

If you can get past the part where it’s their own fault they are poor, then there is the uncertainty in what the money given to a homeless person will be used for…food, blanket, alcohol, drugs? We would love to imagine them buying practical necessities but most civilians assume homeless people use the money they have collected to buy drugs or alcohol which comes from the assumption that most are addicts.

Now, my point of view on this controversial subject. I do not believe all homeless people are drug addicts. I think quite a few grew up in or encountered bad circumstances in which they lost their home and their savings and had no family to take care of them. Although, it is difficult to weed out the degenerates from the unfortunate ones. For that reason I recommend only providing gift cards to food stores or restaurants or actually purchasing food rather than providing cash to a homeless person.

I can imagine how discouraging life on the streets is and how difficult it may be to motivate oneself to apply for jobs and find shelter. Maybe what homeless people need more than money is inspiration to live better. Perhaps instead of rushing pass a man on the street we should spend a few minutes to converse with them, inform them of job opportunities. I encourage people to try this out.


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